Personal Magnetism Definition

personal magnetismJust what is the definition of “Personal Magnetism“?

A very simple definition of being magnetic emphasizes that the very atoms and particles present in physical forms have been charged, for lack of a better term, into aligning themselves with a common purpose. Take the most easily magnetized material on our planet and try to understand the process with which it becomes energized.

That small square piece of metal on the back of your favorite magnet which holds up your child’s first A+ on the fridge is no different than any other metal. It shares similar atoms to the hammer head in your garage, the kitchen faucet, a spoon, fork, etc. The one truly crucial difference lies at the heart of that magnet when at a single moment in time; all of the atoms making up that tiny band of metal were given purpose, direction. This natural phenomenon is the very source for nearly all technology. It makes communication possible, street lights able to sense your presence, and perhaps eventually, cars capable of driving themselves. So why shouldn’t you be concerned with cultivating your own personal magnetism?

After you have aligned yourself with a common purpose that the whole of your body believes in, the truly magnificent happens. You begin to attract others that share a similar direction. Those people who will laugh within a certain range of frequencies, and who naturally avoid behaviors that send your moral compass off course. Eventually, you will find the person that makes every inch of your very being excited, simply by sharing the same room. This is the true power of personal magnetism: the ability to surround yourself with those people and situations that will enhance your life.

We can boil all of this down to one simple definition:

“Personal magnetism is realizing who you truly are and allowing that to shine through, primarily in your relationships with other people. It attracts a positive ecosystem of people and situations into a persons life“.

Helping you come to this realization is the primary purpose of this site. We have all been gifted with these wonderful magnetic personalities, it’s about time you unlocked yours!

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